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Scholarships at China Jinggangshan University 2018 2019

Applications are invited for Jinggangshan University Scholarships are now available to study undergraduate and language programs. Theses scholarships are available to Non-Chinese students.

Course Level: Scholarships are available to pursue undergraduate and language programs.

Eligible Nationalities: Scholarship is available to Non-Chinese students.

Eligibility Criteria: Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • All applicants should hold a valid passport, be healthy physically and mentally, be good in character and submit non-criminal record. They will abide by the laws and regulations of Chinese government, obey the university regulations and respect Chinese people’s social custom and habits.
  • Applicants for MBBS Program should technically have a score higher than 65% of the total score in such courses as English, biology and chemistry.
  • Applicants for Civil Engineering Program should have a pass score or above in such courses as English, mathematics and physics.

Enrollment Targets

  • Undergraduate Programs: Aged 18 to 25, non-Chinese citizens with senior high school diplomas or above.
  • Chinese Language Programs (non-degree): Aged 18 to 40, non-Chinese citizens with senior high school diplomas or above.

Method of Application: Application documents

  • Jinggangshan University Application Form for Foreign Students’ Study in China (Download from website http://gjc.jgsu.edu.cn)
  • The senior high school or above diplomas and the transcripts
  • Valid passport (scanning copy or photocopy)
  • Non-criminal record certificate provided by their residence police station or proof of school performance provided by his /her school.
  • An economic guarantee by a person (including a foreigner who has a regular job in China) or company, or an income proof from parent’s employing organization, or a certificate of bank saving.
  • Physical examination result from officially recognized hospital.
  • Photo (The requirements are the same as passport photo).
  • Chinese language learning experience proofs or HSK Certificates (if any).

Please understand that we will not return the above-mentioned application documents no matter whether the applicant is admitted or not.

Application procedure: A. Send scanning copy of application documents required above in 6.1 to e-mail address: gjc-at-jgsu.edu.cn or 474512489-at-qq.com;

B. Send the paper manuscripts of application documents required above in 6.1 to International School of Jinggangshan University.  Delivery Address: No.28 Xueyuan Road, Qingyuan District, Ji’an City, Jiangxi Province, P.R.China.

Online Application

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