Did you know that on average about 1.5% of candidates that apply for commonwealth scholarships are successful in getting the scholarship? Yes you read right, 1.5%. Did you also know that the commonwealth masters scholarship is a FULL scholarship covering all costs and is a LIFE changing opportunity that can unlock the doors to your dream career? Ifeoma Uzoegwu who is a 2013 commonwealth scholar is a shining example of this. Read her story below:

“Before getting a commonwealth scholarship, I was working as a Software Engineer in an SME based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. I had very big dreams of a fulfilling career, and even bigger dreams of impacting change in my country and I couldn’t imagine how I was going to achieve any of those dreams at that time. Fast forward to 2013 and I was successful in getting a full commonwealth scholarship to study at the University of Cambridge. The scholarship changed EVERYTHING. My networks grew overnight, I met and connected with the brightest of minds, and I had access to mind blowing opportunities. Currently, I work as a Senior Delivery Manager in a multinational telecommunications firm and in my spare time, I run ScholarshipEye to empower students with knowledge about scholarship opportunities and tips on how to apply. I have helped many students who ended up being successful in getting scholarships by sharing my experience and giving them guidance and support. I am living and achieving my dreams every single day and it all started with the full scholarship I got from the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission”

What will your story be? You can achieve your dreams by getting a full scholarship, it will open doors for you and parachute you to places you only dreamed of, but first you need to learn how to write a powerful application. The best way to learn is to learn from the best, and when it comes to scholarships, the best way to learn is to learn from a scholar who has been through the exact phase you are in now, and was successful.

Ifeoma Uzoegwu has put together a knowledge packed course with a lot of information and freebies to help you write a powerful application for your commonwealth masters scholarship. The course includes:

6 detailed video lessons covering the following:

Module 1 – Introduction: You will learn all the basic information about the scholarship that you need to know, as well as things you need to bear in mind upfront.

Module 2 – Application: You will learn about the step-by-step application process with tips from my experience as a past scholar

Module 3 – Understanding Essays: You will learn the fundamental principles around essay structure and techniques, as well as ingredients for a strong essay. This is so important for creating essays that stand out from the crowd.

Module 4 – Writing a good application: This is a very detailed module that deep dives into each of the essays you would need to write for your commonwealth scholarship application. You will learn how to research for each essay with research pointers, suggestions for essay structure and things to really look out for.

Module 5 – Supporting documentation: This module covers important information on how to get a good reference from your referees as well as the attachments you would need to upload

Module 6 – Tools and tips for success: This module covers key tools for an easier application as well as tips from my experience as a scholar

Bonus Exercise – This exercise covers the step-by-step application process on the CSC site

In addition to all this, you also get a whole lot of freebies to help you get started immediately:
1. Essay blueprints
2. Essay structure cheat sheets
3. Research Pointers
4. Checklists
5. Supporting Documentation tips
and so much more

In order to really support you in the application process you will also:

  1. Be invited to our exclusive facebook group where we support students, and answer any questions that you have
    2. Be invited to our exclusive whatsapp group where we support students, and answer any questions that you have
    3. Have direct access via private messaging on social media channels

Now normally, this course would cost N25,000 ($70) but we have partnered with Ifeoma to get this course at an unbelievable price of N9990 ($30). Spaces are limited and the deadline to enrol to the course is 2nd December.

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Now this course is for you if:

  1. You are applying for the 2019 Commonwealth Masters Scholarship and want to learn from a scholar.
    2. You have applied for several scholarships and you are frustrated from being rejected constantly.
    3. You have no idea where to start and you are completely confused when it comes to the 2019 Commonwealth Masters Scholarship
    4. You want some support and guidance in your scholarship application
    5. You want to bounce your ideas off with someone who has been through the process.   If any of these situations resonate with you, then this course is exactly what you need. This course will give you the opportunity to learn from a scholar who has been through the journey and has also helped others to get scholarships in the past.

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Do you have any questions about the course? Send your questions to info@scholarshipeye.com. Alternatively you can also send a whatsapp message to +447767938084