Over the past years, the bank has consistently demonstrated its commitment to fostering innovation, nurturing young talent, and driving cross-generation digital conversation through our flagship event–Hackaholics 4.0. With a population of over 250 million young Africans enrolled in universities across Africa, we envision a chance to establish a strategic advantage by spearheading the rise of budding unicorns, techpreneurs, and innovators within these academic institutions.

The Hackaholics Digital Summit, established as Africa’s premier ecosystem gathering, is set to encourage innovation, collaboration, and the progress of technology. We’re thrilled that this gathering will unite thousands of exceptional individuals, including innovators, change-makers, industry luminaries, and tech enthusiasts from diverse sectors.


  • Knowledge Exchange and Thought Leadership: The summit will serve as a hub for sharing cutting-edge insights, trends, and best practices in the tech industry. Keynote speakers, panel discussions, and workshops will be organized to facilitate knowledge transfer and inspire attendees to think critically about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the digital landscape.
  • Facilitating Strategic Partnerships: The summit will create an environment conducive to networking and forging valuable partnerships. By bringing together diverse stakeholders from the Nigerian Tech ecosystem, the event will foster collaboration between startups, established companies, investors, academia, and government bodies. These collaborations will be geared towards fostering innovation, supporting the growth of tech ventures, and driving impactful digital initiatives.
  • Empowering Local Innovation: Emphasis will be placed on showcasing and supporting local tech innovations that have the potential to make a significant impact in Nigeria and beyond. Startups and entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas, receive feedback from industry experts, and gain exposure to potential investors and partners.
  • Policy Advocacy and Regulatory Dialogue: Engaging with policymakers and regulatory authorities will be a crucial aspect of the summit. The event will seek to address regulatory challenges and advocate for policies that encourage digital innovation, cybersecurity, data privacy, and the responsible adoption of emerging technologies.
  • Skills Development and Capacity Building: Workshops and training sessions will be organized to equip attendees with the skills necessary to thrive in the digital age. These capacity-building initiatives will focus on areas such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, cybersecurity, digital marketing, and software development.
  • Showcasing Success Stories: Inspiring success stories from individuals and companies that have achieved remarkable milestones in the Nigerian tech industry will be highlighted. By showcasing these success stories, the summit will motivate and encourage others to strive for excellence and overcome challenges on their own journeys.


  • Open to exceptional individuals, including innovators, change-makers, industry luminaries, and tech enthusiasts from diverse sectors.

Summit Date: Friday, 6th October 2023

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