As always, Edustipend is here to support you to fulfill your learning goals this month. To help us support you, we ask that you fill this form as completely as you can providing as much details as possible.

The Edustipend Laptop Support Initiative is more than just a support programme; it’s a stepping stone to overcoming financial barriers in your educational journey.


The Edustipend Support Programme offers numerous benefits:

  • Availability of 4 Complimentary Laptops to facilitate your learning process.
  • Over 20 Free Internet Data Subscriptions to support your online educational endeavors.
  • Financial Assistance for Over 5 Course and Certification Fees to help you gain new skills.


  • Demonstrate a genuine need for financial support.
  • Commitment to completing and utilizing the online course

Selection Process

How beneficiaries are selected:

  • Our vision is to support folks who really need a push with their lerning goals. As part of the application, you should show how you really need the stipend and how getting the stipend can help you achieve your learning goals.
  • Everyone needs a laptop or data, we would like to see what they have achieved so far without the stipend. It could be a course you started or a community you joined. We know it can be hard but the more you can demonstrate progress despite the constraints, the better your chances.
  • Everyone deserves a fair chance regardless of age, gender, state of origin, and we try to follow that, as much as possible. This means we will try to ensure that the stipends are evenly distributed across age, gender, and other demography.
  • We do not ask for an entire epistle when completing your application but we really appreciate thoughtful responses. So answer all questions as descriptively yet concisely as possible. Let your personality show in your application.
  • Core to our vision here at Edustipend is the idea of paying it forward. As part of the application, state how you plan to pay it forward if you get selected – how you plan to impact others as a result of this stipend because we believe the impact compounds.

The selection process ensures equitable opportunities for individuals with a genuine passion for learning and a drive to excel

Method of Application

Click Here to Apply

  • REQUEST: Complete the Request form (see below) stating what type of support you need with proof of why you need the support. 
  • REVIEW: Each request will be reviewed by the team and by sponsors for authenticity and genuine need among other criteria. Some request types may have longer review times than others.
  • RECEIVE: Once your request is approved, you will be notified accordingly and the Edustipend team will disburse the support requested. While in some cases actual cash will be disbursed, in some other cases we will disburse the specific need not cash.
  • ACHIEVE: Our hope is that with this support, you can go on to achieve your dreams. Because that’s all we really want – we want you to be the best version of yourself, we are rooting for you

For More Information,

Visit the Official Webpage

Application Deadline: May 11, 2024.