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2021 Bayer Foundation Women Empowerment Award for Female Entrepreneurs (25,000 Euro Cash Prize and 24-week accelerator)

For the first time, Bayer Foundation is launching a Women Empowerment Award. With this award, Bayer Foundation wants to empower women as key change makers and help female entrepreneurs generate social impact in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Through the Women Empowerment Award, Bayer Foundation offers a partnership which goes far beyond a one-off cash prize. The award includes 25,000 EUR in cash plus an in-kind contribution that equals 25,000 EUR in the form of a 24-week growth accelerator. During this period, the winners will receive tailored support and training for scaling, including active investor feedback. In addition, they will be able to will tap into an extensive network of Bayer experts, who will offer coaching both in health and nutrition as well as sustainable agriculture related focus areas. Last but not least, all winners will become part of Bayer Foundation’s exceptional global alumni and partner network, which offers the opportunity to raise capital and exchange knowledge about experience gained.

By supporting female entrepreneurs with groundbreaking ideas, Bayer Foundation specifically recognizes and celebrates their role as game changers driving sustainability and social impact through entrepreneurial innovation.


  • Female entrepreneurs leading innovative social enterprises with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Enterprises that already have their first customer and less than 1 million EUR revenue per year
  • Partners that can generate large scale social impact, sharing the vision:
    Health for all, Hunger for none


A unique award for outstanding female entrepreneurs, boosting their growth through Bayer’s network.
5 winners. Each to receive 25,000 EUR cash and 25,000 EUR in-kind.

Comprehensive Networking
Being a part of Bayer Foundation’s exceptional alumni network comprised
of former awardees as well as access to third party funding through Bayer Foundation’s partner organizations.

Growth Accelerator
24 weeks of tailored support, training for scaling, how to tackle barriers in the ecosystem via new partners and active investor feedback.

Fundraising Opportunities
Opportunity to raise capital: access to growth partners & investors.

Expert Coaching
Access to mentorship from Bayer experts to produce tangible enhancement in terms of business development, financing or strategy.

Key documents to be uploaded:

  1. A pitch deck including an executive summary describing your vision, your team structure, governance, business model and potential for scaling.
  2. A report of the main challenges you are trying to solve in the next 12 months.
  3. An overview of your organization’s finances in 2020

Application Deadline: February 28th 2021

For More information:

Visit the Official Webpage