The University of Prince Edward Island is awarding SJDAW Graduate Scholarship to pursue research in the field of animal welfare. The scholarship is available for both Canadian and International students.

Course Level: The scholarship is available to pursue research programme.

Eligible Nationalities:  Applicants of all nationalities are eligible

Eligibility Criteria: This competition is open to any candidate who meets the admission criteria for graduate studies at UPEI1 For information on satisfying the UPEI criteria for admission

Method of Application: The attachments to the email application package must be in English and must include a letter of intent highlighting areas of interest and specifically addressing each of the selection criteria below, a current curriculum vitae, and academic records. Academic records include scanned copies of official transcripts from all university courses completed by the time of application, together with academic awards, prizes and scholarships. Applicants must provide:

  • One example of their academic writing, e.g. an academic publication, thesis or essay. Additional publications are to be listed in the CV.
  • A letter of commitment from the proposed supervisor at AVC/UPEI to include provisions for operating funding if the applicant is successful (i.e., funding currently in place or applied for, or an outline of plans to obtain funding).
  • A one-page outline of their animal welfare research project that has been agreed upon with the proposed supervisor

Scholarship Link

Scholarship Application Deadline: February 16, 2018