The University of Tokyo provides international students with access to a number of financial aid options that cover various forms and purposes, including school expense exemptions, scholarships, emergency loans, and student discounts.

Applications are invited for Atsumi International Scholarship Foundation to pursue a Postgraduate and Doctoral program at the University of Tokyo in Japan. International students are eligible to apply for this scholarship program.

Please note that most of the lectures at University of Tokyo Graduate Schools are conducted in Japanese. Therefore, it is important that all students master Japanese before enrollment. Some Graduate Schools require a Japanese language level higher than JLPT N2. However, the University also offers a variety of graduate degree programs taught in English.

Course Level: Scholarships are available to pursue Postgraduate and Doctoral programme.

Study Subject: Scholarships are awarded to learn any of the courses offered by the university.

Scholarship Award: Scholarship 1. The scholarship is 200,000 yen per month. In 2017 we plan to hire 12 people. Two of them will give higher priority to studying in Japan to acquire a doctorate from a graduate school abroad. If you are living abroad at the beginning of your scholarship and want to study in Japan for 1 year, we will assist you with round-trip air ticket fees.

2. Continuation of scholarship cannot be continued from April 2017 to March 2018 or from September 2017 to August 2018 for one year. We will respond to consultation about the beginning month.

Number of Scholarships: Not Known

Scholarship can be taken in Japan

Eligibility Criteria:

The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for the scholarship:

  • Those who have a nationality other than Japan, are enrolled in a postgraduate doctor course in Japan and are expected to obtain a doctorate in the scholarship period of the foundation. Including those who enroll in Japanese graduate school as researchers etc. in order to obtain a doctorate degree from overseas graduate school because it exceeded the regular enrollment term.
  • Persons who are in the Kanto region (Tokyo, Kanagawa prefecture, Saitama prefecture, Chiba prefecture, Ibaraki prefecture, Tochigi prefecture, Gunma prefecture) who belong to the Atsumi scholarship period, belonging to the graduate school (laboratory) and the place of residence.
  • Interested in international understanding and goodwill, those who are willing to actively participate in the exchange activities of the foundation (see URL below).
  • Fluent in Japanese (Application documents and interviews are all Japanese only).
  • In the period of receiving Atsumi Scholarship, those who do not have regular positions (full-time positions) or plan to receive other scholarships. (The foundation is not allowed to be paid to full-time students and duplicate receipts with other scholarships of 50,000 yen or more per month.).

Nationality: International students are eligible to apply for this scholarship program.

College Admission Requirement

Entrance Requirements: Those who have a nationality other than Japan, are enrolled in a postgraduate doctor course in Japan, and are expected to obtain a doctorate in the scholarship period of the foundation.

English Language Requirements: Fluent in Japanese (Application documents and interviews are all Japanese only).

Method of Application:

1. From July 2017, applicants wishing to apply for scholarships are requested to submit the application guidelines and application form to the international student scholarship office of each graduate school or the Foundation secretariat. It can also be downloaded from our Foundation’s home page.

2. The first submission forms

a. Application form (prescribed form) Paste the photograph (close body shadow of the upper half · 3.5 × 5 cm)
Please write in Japanese with yourself. Please write with a black pen and write in the alphabet.

B. Evaluation items table of the supervisor at the university (prescribed form)
Confidential treatment (Please fill in the envelope and seal it after filling in.) If the supervisor
Students planning does not read the Japanese, You can download Japanese and English versions from.

C. CertificaStudents planning
to obtain a degree from overseas graduate school must also have a certificate of enrollment at the school.

D. Resume (A4 size paper in Japanese word process horizontally, but there is no need to fix the alphabet proper noun to katakana. 1 or 2 sheets) The form is free, but the name, the graduate school you belong to, the graduate school, the academic record (from high school , Fill in the location of the school), employment history (including part-time employment related to school), acquisition qualification, prize punishment / scholarship / research grant (entry period and amount also written), volunteer activities Please add the year and month when you engaged. Qualifications, awards, scholarships and grants, and volunteer activities will be evaluated positively in document review. If there is no entry, it will not be added to that item.

E. Summary of the research (in Japanese on A4 size paper, Word Processor Horizontal writing, within 600 words, within 1 page)
Please explain the meaning and the outline of the research in an easy-to-understand manner for the general public to understand. Please insert a chart as much as possible. However, please be sure to pay within one page even if you have a chart. Please note that if the number of letters and pages is large, it will be a deduction point in document review.

F. List of published papers (word processor horizontally written in Japanese or English on A4 size paper, any number of pages) Separate the papers published in the books, academic journals published so far, the dissertations orally published by academic societies, etc. and list them all, please. It does not matter what page it is. Please mention the name of the coauthor, the title of the paper, the name of the journal, the name of the publisher / academic society, the announcement date, etc. Undergraduate graduation thesis and master’s thesis are not included. In the case of joint authorship, please be sure to write the author’s name in the order in which they are stated and underline the person. If you have publications other than academic papers, please fill out another section.
Also, please write the number of peer-reviewed papers at the top of the list. If you have points of impact factor, please specify clearly.
Since the number of published papers will be an important point at the time of appraisal, we recommend you fill in all.

G. Research plan (4 words including A4 size paper in Japanese word processing horizontally, including diagrams)
About research of doctoral thesis Background and predicted outcomes Contents and method? Progress status and submission of doctoral dissertation Please write about the future schedule of the schedule? Please insert diagrams and tables as much as possible. When submitting from overseas, please be sure to explain why you would like to study abroad in Japan at the beginning and the name of your university to be enrolled in Japan.

Application Form (Word)  

Application form (PDF) 

Scholarship Application Deadline: September 30, 2017.

For more info, visit Scholarship Link