Climate change impact is ravaging the world. In Nigeria, its impacts have led to severe cases of drought, desertification, flooding, and disruption in rainfall patterns. These impacts adversely affect man’s health, wellbeing and environment. Agricultural yields have been heavily affected causing high poverty rate in the north. Extreme flooding, disease spread through contaminated water is reported in the south. It is in recognition of this that the Climate Smart Nigeria in partnership with Glow initiative for Economic Empowerment with support from Access Bank PLC is investing into a new generation of young energy leaders to lead change for energy transition vis-a-vis climate action across Nigeria.

The Climate Leadership Fellowship (Special edition for Energy Leaders) is designed to provide expert training fellows who are within or are passionate and willing to make a difference in clean cooking, clean energy, solar power, waste to energy sectors on concept and applications of renewable energy for a better climate.

After training, all fellows will then Adopt a School where they will teach climate change and renewable energy helping to groom young ones who will promote a climate resilient nation. All fellows will receive a climate education toolkit for teaching in schools and a certificate of climate leadership.


  • Age: Youth aged 22 to 35.
  • Education: University graduates.
  • Leadership: Demonstrated leadership in climate change and renewable energy.
  • Passion: Strong desire to promote climate change awareness.
  • Availability: Willingness to teach climate change within the community, participate in training, and attend all virtual meetings.
  • Interest: Involvement or interest in renewable energy organisations or businesses.
  • Residency: Must be resident in Nigeria.


  • Provide expert training on climate change advocacy in relation to clean energy transition and leadership to promote national climate resilience.
  • Expose young people to the various opportunities within the renewable energy sector.
  • To establish Green Clubs across two hundred secondary schools in Nigeria’s six geopolitical zones
  • To train and mentor two hundred young Nigerians as climate change educators in year 
  • To train 20000 secondary school students as climate champions through the fellows Adopt a School and Teach climate change in year 1
  • To provide internship and work experience for trained climate advocates through the Adopt a School
  • To invest in and Promote a climate resilient energy sector
  • Build two hundred sustainability and climate smart schools across the six geopolitical zones


Program Outline:

  • This program includes three-week intensive expert training on climate change for all select fellows
  • Each week course block include an expert live class
  • All fellows who complete the intensive training will receive the climate education toolkit and taught how to use it
  • Afterwards, fellows will Adopt a School where they will teach climate change
  • Fellows will teach climate Change using the toolkit in select schools for a four week period
  • Fellows will implement a climate data policy in the schools and communities where they will work and on social media
  • Fellows will create climate change leadership clubs in the schools where they will work
  • Fellows are encouraged to demonstrate innovation in the school community where they will work by carrying out small climate change project to drive home their teaching including implementing the climate data policy
  • Top 5 fellows will win the Climate Champion Award

Method of Application

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Participants are expected to:

  • Commit 5 hours per week to the expert training and LIVE calls
  • Adopt a school and complete the four-week program teaching climate change in schools
  • Demonstrate innovation during the Adopt a School

For More Information,

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Application Deadline: July 24, 2024.