In 2024, Ontario has been proactive in harnessing global talent to sustain its economic growth, issuing over 11,000 invitations to skilled workers, international graduates, and those with specific qualifications from Ontario universities.

Those skilled in sectors such as technology, healthcare, and various trades are encouraged to apply. In June 2024, there was a targeted drive to recruit French-speaking professionals and specialists in early childhood education. This detailed guide delves into the facets of the OINP, including eligibility, sought-after skills, and a comprehensive walkthrough of the application steps.

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) represents a pivotal opportunity for skilled individuals aiming to align their expertise with the economic and labor market needs of Ontario. This program is particularly designed to address regional skill shortages by facilitating a smoother immigration pathway for qualified individuals.

Overview of the OINP

The OINP is structured into multiple streams, each targeting distinct categories of workers, students, and businesspersons under three primary groups:

Employer Job Offer Category

This stream is intended for individuals possessing valid job offers in Ontario.

Human Capital Category

This category is tailored for applicants who bring the necessary educational background, professional experience, and linguistic abilities.

Business Category

Aimed at entrepreneurs planning to start or purchase a business within the province.

2024 Eligibility Criteria for OINP

While each stream has its specific requirements, common eligibility criteria include:

  • Work Experience: Applicants should have relevant experience in a skilled profession.
  • Education: A post-secondary degree is often required, depending on the stream.
  • Language Proficiency: A minimum of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 4 in English or French is necessary.
  • Connection to Ontario: Proof of a job offer from an Ontario employer or education from an Ontario institution may be required.

Key Skills and Professions Needed in Ontario in 2024

The labor market in Ontario is dynamic, with various sectors experiencing acute skill shortages:


  • Software Developers and Engineers: There is a robust demand for skills in software development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cybersecurity.
  • IT Project Managers: Professionals capable of managing complex IT projects are in high demand.
  • Data Analysts and Scientists: Experts in data analysis and interpretation are needed more than ever.


  • Registered Nurses (RNs) and Nurse Practitioners (NPs): There is a significant need, especially in specialized areas such as critical care.
  • Physicians and Specialists: Family physicians and specialists in psychiatry, oncology, and cardiology are highly sought after.
  • Personal Support Workers (PSWs): With an aging population, the demand for PSWs is growing.


  • Construction Workers: There is a high demand for skilled carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and welders.
  • Truck Drivers: Essential to the transportation industry.
  • Industrial Mechanics and Millwrights: Needed for the upkeep and repair of industrial machinery.

Other Professions

  • Engineers: Civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers are crucial for ongoing infrastructure projects.
  • Financial Analysts and Accountants: As businesses expand, the need for financial expertise grows.
  • Marketing and Sales Professionals: There is an increasing need for digital marketing skills.

Most Sought-After Degrees in Ontario in 2024

  • Engineering: All specialties are in demand.
  • Computer Science and IT: Prepares graduates for roles in the tech sector.
  • Nursing and Healthcare-Related: Essential for filling healthcare roles.
  • Business and Finance: Valuable across a spectrum of industries.

Locating Skill Shortage Jobs in Ontario

To find opportunities in areas with skill shortages, the following resources are invaluable:

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for OINP

The application process involves several crucial steps:

  1. Determine Eligibility: Check the specific requirements for the OINP stream you are interested in.
  2. Document Collection: Gather necessary documents like work experience proof, educational certificates, language test results, and job offer details.
  3. Create an Expression of Interest (EOI) ProfileCreate Profile Here
  4. Receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA): Wait for an ITA from the OINP.
  5. Submit Your Application: Use the OINP e-Filing Portal to submit your application along with a fee of $1,500 for most streams, or $2,000 for Employer Job Offer streams within the Greater Toronto Area.
  6. Application Review: The OINP will evaluate your submission over several months.
  7. Nomination Certificate: If your application is approved, you will receive a nomination certificate.
  8. Apply for Permanent Residence: Apply to IRCC for permanent residence using your nomination.
  9. Medical and Security Checks: Complete necessary medical and security checks.
  10. Receive Permanent Residence Status: Upon IRCC approval, you will be granted your permanent resident visa.

The OINP is a strategic avenue for skilled individuals aiming to contribute to Ontario’s prosperity while securing their future in Canada. By understanding the requirements and following the application process, applicants can enhance their chances of success.


This comprehensive guide offers a clear pathway for those looking to navigate the complexities of immigration through the OINP and establish a thriving future in Ontario.