This program aims to foster employment, financial growth, and startup support while contributing to broader objectives like community impact and financial literacy. Through collaboration, it seeks to create a lasting impact on the entrepreneurial landscape, promoting innovation and sustainability.

In recognition of the transformative power of collaboration, First National Bank Botswana and TheNeoHub have joined forces to launch The FirstPreneur, a comprehensive two-year program aimed at nurturing, supporting, and accelerating entrepreneurs in building sustainable businesses. This strategic partnership aims to leverage the strengths of both organizations to create a synergistic force that accelerates the development of startups, with a particular emphasis on empowering the youth and women.

The shared vision of The FirstPreneur extends beyond immediate goals, encompassing employment creation, financial growth, and startup support. It aspires to contribute to broader objectives such as community impact, financial literacy, and the establishment of a robust financial ecosystem for Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs). By uniting efforts, the program seeks to create a lasting impact on the entrepreneurial landscape, fostering a culture of innovation and sustainability.


  • Global Trade and Business Development: Navigate international markets and expand your business horizons.
  • Banking and Finance: Access strategic financial insights and solutions tailored to your business needs, this program has a dedicated relationship manager from FNB.
  • Product Development: Enhance and innovate your product offerings for maximum market impact.
  • Growth Hacking and Marketing: Unleash powerful marketing strategies and growth hacking techniques to elevate your brand.
  • Governance and Team Alignment: Ensure strong governance structures and keep your team aligned with your business objectives.


This program is crafted for individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset, for the doers who have already built resilience. We’re here to turbocharge your efforts. Imagine the support your business needs to grow, pivot, and scale, all while maintaining the agility that defines successful entrepreneurs.

Selection Process

Selection Criteria

  • Be a 100% citizen-owned established company or market-driven social enterprise.
  • In operation for at least 2 years.
  • Lead a company with a strong value proposition and potential to grow.
  • Have a management team of at least two people in addition to the CEO or founder.
  • An existing track record of impact.
  • An entrepreneurial mindset.

Successful applicants for the next round of shortlisting will be notified within a specific time frame after the application deadline.

Method of Application

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We acknowledge the work you’ve put in, and we want to journey with you to help you leap forward. This program is for men and women who embrace challenges, embody an entrepreneurial spirit, and are ready to take their businesses to new heights.

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Application Deadline: May 6, 2024.