Embassy of the Netherlands in Nigeria  is calling all innovative Horti entrepreneurs! Nominations for the ‘Agropreneur of the Year’ is now open.

Whether you know someone who made a significant contribution to the field or you believe in your own accomplishments, you can nominate yourself or others with a short video. The Embassy of the Netherlands in Nigeria is seeking nominations for the ‘Agropreneur of the Year’ award.


  • Dutch or Nigerian agri-business or closely affiliated with Netherlands focus area in Nigeria
  • Agribusiness should be innovative with a positive impact on agriculture in Nigeria

Who can nominate?

  • You can nominate yourself and also others for recognition
  • Dutch agri businesses in Nigeria
  • Nigerian agribusinesses with a link to the Netherlands

Method of Application

  • Make a 60 seconds video about the company, showcasing its impactful work and engagement in Nigerian agro sector
  • Join the networking drink of the Horti trade mission to find out the winner.

Application Deadline: March 6, 2024.