The Office of International Affairs awards partial tuition grants each semester to international students at The Ohio State University.

The Office of International Affairs’ grant funds are limited and not intended to serve as full funding. Awards may supplement a student’s finances but will not fully cover tuition and fees. You may request any amount in your grant application, but the Office of International Affairs may not be able to fully meet that request. Please note that if it is not your final semester, you may be required to complete a Financial Literacy course before receiving any possible awards.


These grants are intended to help international students who are within one semester of graduation and who have demonstrated financial need to complete their degrees. There is a limit of one grant award per student per degree level. Therefore, it is not recommended to apply within the first academic year unless there is an emergency. Applicants will be notified by email regarding the grant committee’s decision. All decisions are final. Grants will be deposited directly into the student’s account at Fees and Deposits.


  • Be a non-immigrant international student (F-1 or J-1 status)
  • Be currently enrolled in a degree granting program
  • Have never received an Office of International Affairs grant before in current degree level
  • Be within one semester of graduation or have a compelling, unforeseen emergency
  • Have demonstrated financial need to complete current degree
  • Have a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 for undergraduates or 3.0 for graduates

Application Documents

Please submit the following documentation to apply

  • International Student Grant Application
  • Letter explaining in specific terms why this grant is needed and how you intend to use it, as well as what you have done and are doing to meet your financial needs. Note: You will not be interviewed for this grant, so you should take full advantage of this opportunity to explain your financial situation in writing. Please limit your statement to a maximum of one page. Additionally, please do not use AI services such as Chat GPT to write this letter; the committee wants to hear about your situation in your authentic voice.
  • Any additional documentation you wish to submit to support your case, if necessary.

Method of Application

Click Here to Apply

For application form, click here (pdf)

For More Information,

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