Imperial has launched a new scholarship programme to support PhD students from sub-Saharan Africa.

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is pleased to offer a number of scholarships to support PhD study in any of its areas of research. Detailed information is provided below as to our scholarships process, scholarship schemes and deadlines.


  • Round 2- deadline 8th January 2024 
  • Round 3- deadline 4th March 2024
  • Round 4- deadline 24th June 2024


Our aim is to select the most outstanding PhD students and offer them financial support.


The Shawki Saad PhD Scholarship is a fully funded programme to support students ordinarily resident in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In the interest of fairness, the Department has one selection process for all the scholarships that are administered by the College, including the Imperial President’s Scholarships, Imperial CSC Scholarships, and the Departments own scholarships.

The Awards Panel considers several factors to assess a student’s academic achievements (grades, cohort ranking, awards for achievement) and research potential (publications, research experience e.g UROP). The panel also take into account references and experience after graduating.

Documents Required for Application

A completed application will include:

  • Both of your references – it is your responsibility to ensure that these are received
  • Transcripts (partial or complete) of all degrees you have undertaken, or are currently undertaking
  • Personal statement/research plan
  • CV-Resume

Method of Application

Click Here to Apply

  1. Find a PhD supervisor. Visit the research and academic staff pages of our website to help identify topics of interest and potential supervisors. Contact your preferred supervisor(s) directly, to discuss potential projects and funding options.
  2. Submit your PhD application for admission through the Registry online admissions systems by the deadlines listed above for each scholarship round. More information on the application process can be found here. Online applications should only be submitted after a potential academic supervisor has expressed sufficient interest in your application.  
  3. Applicants must also be nominated for funding by their potential PhD supervisors and funding decisions are made by the PhD Awards Panel.

NB: Your online application will be received by the Department Research Office, where it will be held until it is considered complete.

If you have any questions about any of our scholarship schemes or the application process, please contact Sarah Willis

For More Information,

Visit the Official Webpage