The Eket Emoimee Scholarship Scheme is rooted in the belief that education is a beacon, illuminating paths for individuals to contribute positively to society. 

The NNPC/MPN JV EMOIMEE HOST COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT TRUST INCUTI-EKET has embarked on a transformative initiative known as the Eket Emoimee Scholarship Scheme.

This scheme reflects the organization’s dedication to addressing societal challenges by nurturing local talent.


  • The NNPC/MPN JV EMOIMEE Scholarship is a N200,000.00 award scheme to all eligible and successful candidates.


  • Eligibility Criteria:
    • The scheme is open to all indigenous individuals from Eket Local Government Area (LGA) enrolled in any accredited tertiary institution (private or public) within Nigeria.
    • Qualified applicants must be admitted students of an accredited/recogreed tertiary institution in Nigeria.
  • Academic Requirements:
    • Applicants must possess a minimum of Second Class Lower for universities, Upper Credit for polytechnics/Colleges of Nursing, and Merit for Colleges of Education.
  • Academic Performance:
    • Beneficiaries must consistently maintain the stipulated academic standards in subsequent sessions.
    • Submission of academic results at the commencement of each new academic session is mandatory.
  • Exclusivity:
    • Applicants must not currently enjoy any other form of scholarship, and this condition must be upheld throughout the duration of the scheme.
  • Character and Conduct:
    • Applicants must not belong to any cult or clandestine groups and should possess a character beyond reproach.
  • Consequences of Violation:
    • Violation of any stated condition will result in the immediate cessation of scholarship benefits.

Method of Application

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For the 2024/25 academic session, the NNPC/MPN JV EMOIMEE Scholarship will accept applications from all students who are enrolled in accredited programmes across Nigerian universities.