These Google online courses with free certificates are free, and you can enroll yourself in the course while sitting from anywhere in the world. You will have to pass the quiz in each course to help eligible for the certificate. There are a total of five free online courses, which include Introduction to Generative AI, Introduction to Large Language Models, Introduction to Responsible AI, Generative AI Fundamentals, and Applying AI Principles with Google Clouds. Introduction to Generative AI course is an introductory course that aims to explain Generative AI, its use in today’s world, and its difference from traditional methods of machine learning. It will also explain to you the development of your own Generative AI applications through Google tools.

The second free-of-cost course of Google Cloud will help you explore the large language models, and their usage to increase the performance. You will also get video access for watching the tutorial and a document for reading. The third free-of-cost course aims to explain to you about responsible AI, its importance, and the implementation of responsible AI in Google products. It will also tell you about the 7 AI principles of Google. The fourth free-to-access course will make you aware of the fundamentals related to Generative AI and its application. Considering the increased scope of enterprise AI and machine learning, it is important to build it responsibly. This course will help individuals learn how to integrate responsible AI into the operations of their organization.

Being the renowned platform, Google offers multiple courses related to Artificial Intelligence given the ongoing global trends. These Googlle-free artificial intelligence courses can surely add a feather to your cap. Register now! Earn Badge! and display it on your profile. This initiative of Google will help you boost your Cloud Career by showing the learned skills to people around the globe. The Google Cloud experts will help you choose your learning path, build your skills, and validate your advanced knowledge most efficiently. Do not skip the chance of learning without paying a single penny because such chances come once in a blue moon in anyone’s life.


  • There will be no registration fees.
  • You can learn about AI courses and get the certification while sitting anywhere you want to.
  • You will not have to face the hassle of getting a visa, applying for a ticket, or need to worry about the accommodation cost.
  • You will get exposure to generative Artificial intelligence and its fundamental, large language models, and apply AI principles with Google Cloud.


  • There is no age restriction for registration of the courses.
  • There is no background restriction for registration of the courses.
  • Everyone from anywhere or any nationality can apply

Method of Application

  • The applicants have to start the courses online through the official website.
  • You need to carefully read the Google course outlines before starting each course.
  • Enroll yourself first.
  • After the completion of each course, you will earn the certificate.

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