Co-create the 2023 Youth STEM Summit as an empowering, impactful and inclusive event for youth globally.

The Youth STEM Summit Design Team is an incredible group of 9 young people from around the world. They’re making all of the key decisions about the 2023 Youth STEM Summit to design an impactful and inclusive global event that empowers youth in STEM to tackle the world’s biggest challenges.

We’re looking for a diverse team of young people (age 13-24), who each have different skills and strengths. Whether you’re good at planning and organising, can use social media like a pro, want a new opportunity to use your video editing skills, care about creating an inclusive and accessible event, or just want to share your ideas as part of a team.


  • Aged 13-24
  • Passionate about our mission of empowering youth to use STEM to tackle global challenges
  • Enthusiastic to learn and grow your skills – no previous experience organising events is needed to apply
  • Ready to challenge yourself and go out of your comfort zone – organising a global event is no small task, but you’ll have plenty of support from our team!
  • Based anywhere globally – our team works together 100% remotely
  • Able to commit to ~4-5 hours per week from June-October 2023, and committed to getting involved in all aspects of the Youth STEM Summit Design Team

The Design Team will work together to create the Youth STEM Summit as an impactful and inclusive 1-day virtual event that empowers youth globally with the skills, networks and tools they need to take action as STEM changemakers.

You’ll be making the decisions and involved in every step of the process of creating a global virtual event…

Meet the Design Team

Get to know other members of the Design Team, learn about each other’s strengths, cultures & experiences and decide how you’ll work together.

Design the Summit

Brainstorm, share your ideas and make all of the key decisions, from the schedule, to speakers, to promoting the event, to attendee engagement.

Build the Summit

Pick your best ideas and start taking action to build an awesome Summit – expect to learn lots of new skills along the way!

Youth STEM Summit

Welcome hundreds of youth from around the world to the Youth STEM Summit! There’s lots of roles to play on the day, from hosting, to social media coverage, to helping speakers and attendees.

Evaluate the Summit

Measure the Summit’s impact, evaluate what went well and what could be better, and reflect on (and celebrate!) your experience in the Design Team.


  • Join a global community of youth changemakers, leaders, researchers & innovators
  • Gain experience of planning an event and develop new skills, including teamwork, communication, event management, leadership and project management
  • Use the Youth STEM Summit Design Team to gain volunteering hours, or to count towards external awards (e.g. Duke of Edinburgh)
  • Additional opportunities to get involved in, like speaking at other events, sharing your voice on our (& our partners’) platforms, or interviewing awesome people making change through STEM
  • It looks great on your CV/resume or university & college applications and you’ll also receive a personalised reference from our Founder & CEO
  • Most of all – make a real difference by being part of creating an impactful and inclusive Summit that empowers youth globally in STEM to tackle the world’s biggest challenges!

Method of Application

  • Step 1: Submit Your Application
  • Step 2: Applications Are Assessed
  • Step 3: Informal Interviews
  • Step 4: Application Outcomes

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage

Application Deadline: 30th May, 2023 5pm BST (GMT+1)