First Bank of Nigeria Limited (FirstBank) is Nigeria’s largest financial services institution by total assets and gross earnings. With more than 10 million customer accounts, FirstBank has over 750 branches providing a comprehensive range of retail and corporate financial services. The Bank has international presence through its subsidiaries, FBN Bank (UK) Limited in London and Paris, FBNBank DRC, FBNBank Ghana, FBNBank Gambia, FBNBank Guinea, FBNBank Sierra-Leone and FBNBank Senegal, as well as its Representative Offices in Johannesburg, Beijing and Abu Dhabi.

We are recruiting to fill the following positions below:

  1.     Senior Analyst, CoE Regulatory Application
  2.     Senior Analyst, IT Risk Management
  3.     Analyst, IT Value Management
  4.     Team Lead, IT Risk Management
  5.     Team Lead, CoE CRM/Business Applications Support
  6.     Analyst, IT Finance and Vendor Management
  7.     Team Member, Technical Infrastructure
  8.     Desk Head, CRM Dynamic Support
  9.     Analyst, COE Application Support
  10.     Analyst, COE Avaya Platform Support
  11.     Product Conceptualization Officer
  12.     Product Design Officer
  13.     Team Lead, Fintech Engagement
  14.     Team Member, Fintech Engagement
  15.     Software Developer
  16.     Team Lead, Value Delivery Assurance & Consulting
  17.     Team Lead, Digital Products and Services
  18.     Desk Head, Subsidiaries Channels Support
  19.     Cluster Team Lead, End User Support
  20.     Analyst, IT End User Support
  21.     Team Member, Value Delivery Assurance & Consulting
  22.     Analyst, Automated Testing
  23.     Team Member, Business Process Improvement
  24.     Team Member, Digital Products & Services
  25.     Threat Intelligence & Risk Management Senior Analyst
  26.     Team Lead, Information Assets Security
  27.     Team Lead Vulnerability Management
  28.     Analyst, IT Channels Support Retail/ Digital Support
  29.     Analyst IT Channel Support – POS & Agent Banking Support
  30.     Analyst Core Banking Database
  31.     Snr. Analyst ATM Support
  32.     Threat Intelligence & Risk Management Analyst
  33.     Patch Management Analyst
  34.     Application Security Management Senior Analyst
  35.     Infrastructure Monitoring Senior Analyst
  36.     Database Security Management Senior Analyst
  37.     Database Security Management Analyst
  38.     System Security Management Senior Analyst
  39.     System Security Management Analyst
  40.     Network Security Senior Analyst
  41.     Network Security Analyst
  42.     Infrastructure Monitoring Analyst
  43.     User Acceptance Testing Officer
  44.     Team Lead, Digital Lab, Subsidiaries and Cloud Infrastructure
  45.     Team Lead Subsidiaries Channels Support
  46.     Control Officer, Network and Application Review
  47.     Team Lead, Network and Application
  48.     Data Analysis/Scripting officer
  49.     Control Officer,Digital Lab
  50.     Control Officer, Subsidiaries and Cloud Infrastructure
  51.     Team Lead, User Acceptance Testing Coordination
  52.     Analyst, DevOps Automation
  53.     Senior Analyst Core Banking Support (EOD Operations)
  54.     Analyst, Subsidiaries Channels Support FEP and Agent Banking
  55.     Analyst, Subsidiaries MIS & 3rd Party Application Support
  56.     Analyst, Subsidiaries Channels Support Digital/Online Banking
  57.     Team Lead Scripting and Data Analytics
  58.     Senior Analyst Core Banking Database
  59.     Senior Analyst Network, (WAN & Branch Support)
  60.     Analyst, Subsidiaries Network & Infrastructure Support
  61.     Analyst System Administration
  62.     Senior Analyst, LAN, Voice and Telecoms Support
  63.     Analyst, Core Banking (EOD Operations Support)
  64.     Desk Head, LAN, Voice & Telecoms Support
  65.     Analyst, IT Channels (FEP Support)
  66.     Analyst, CoE Corporate Payment
  67.     Desk Head Database (EBS & Third Party)
  68.     Analysts Channel Databases
  69.     Analyst Storage Administration
  70.     Analyst, Networks Mgt/Messaging & Collaboration
  71.     Risk and Operational Procedure Management Analyst
  72.     Identity & Access Management Analyst
  73.     Incident Management & Response Analyst
  74.     Finance and vendor Analyst
  75.     Vulnerability Management Senior Analyst
  76.     Program Management Analyst
  77.     Fraud Analyst
  78.     Forensic Analyst
  79.     E- Transaction  Monitoring Analyst
  80.     Applications Security Management Analyst
  81.     Team Lead, DevOps Automation
  82.     Senior Analyst, Developer (Mobile Application Development)
  83.     Business Analyst
  84.     Project Management Office (PMO), Team Member
  85.     Team Lead, Mobile Development
  86.     Senior Analyst, DevOps Automation
  87.     Senior Analyst, Developer (.NET Development)
  88.     Senior Analyst, Automated Testing
  89.     Analyst, Developer Mobile Development
  90.     Analyst, Developer (.NET Development)
  91.     Team Lead, Vulnerability Management
  92.     Team Lead, Patch Management

Method of Application

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