The Joke Waller-Hunter (JWH) Initiative creates opportunities for young people in the environmental sector in developing countries to unfold their full potential. By giving small grants to individuals to expand their knowledge, experience and training, the Initiative aims to strengthen environmental Civil Society Organisations capacity and efficiency.

The mission of the JWH Initiative is thus to provide an accessible and tailored small grant for education and training of individuals who are nominated by their organisation as potential future leaders.

In order to promote lasting change towards a more sustainable world the environmental movement is in constant need of inspirational and skillful leadership.

Young people working for environmental CSOs, especially in developing countries, often have few opportunities to develop leadership skills due to a lack of resources for schooling, training or practical learning.

The candidates should:
1. be willing and have the potential to report on the development of their leadership capacities;
2. be ‘young’ people who work or are affiliated with environmental CSO’s in developing countries and emerging economies who have shown potential for and interest in further developing their leadership. (They generally define ‘young’ as individuals under 35 years of age. However, it mainly refers to people who work in junior positions in their organisations who have the potential and ambition to develop into a leadership role.);
3. have proof of an excellent track record in:
a) fully embracing the idea of sustainable development with a focus on ecological sustainability;
b) being committed to working for the CSO sector;
c) showing potential and ambition towards becoming a leader in his / her field of work, such as being inspirational to others, working with communities, etc.

The following grants are available per round:
• 10 grants of 2.500 Euro;
• 4 grants of 5.000 Euro;
• 2 grants of 7.000 Euro.

Application for nominations must be done in English.

Application Deadline:  August 31, 2021 at 5PM CEST 

For More Information:

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