Huawei HMS App Innovation Contest aims to inspire talented developers across the globe to create seamless, smart, and innovative digital experiences, and explore the future of digital intelligence. By highlighting pioneering HMS open capabilities, the competition gives app developers the tools to build tomorrow’s all-connected world.

Eligibility Requirements

This contest is open to developers from all over the world. Participation is as simple as signing up with your HUAWEI ID.

Individuals aged 17 and under are not eligible to enter the contest.

Employees of Huawei and its affiliates, and their immediate relatives, are not eligible to enter the contest.

You can participate in the contest on your own, or as part of a team. All members of the team must belong to the same contest region.

Rules for setting up a team

(1) Each contestant is only eligible to join a single team.

(2) Each team can have no more than 3 members.

(3) Each team should have a team leader who is responsible for team management, such as inviting or deleting members and submitting works.

(4) A team member can apply to join or leave a team.

(5) The score for a contest submission belongs to the team. If a team member leaves the team, all existing scores will continue to belong to the team, rather than the departing member.

You will be disqualified in the event of the following:

(1) You plagiarise the work of others;

(2) Third-party code plug-ins used in your works are not authorised, and/or are the source of a legal dispute; or

(3) Your works violate any relevant terms, service agreements, or rules applicable to HUAWEI DEVELOPER services, including but not limited to the HUAWEI Developer Service AgreementAgreement on Use of Huawei APIs, and AppGallery Review Guidelines.


PrizesUS$1,000,000 Total Bonus Huawei has set aside US$1 million from its Shining Star Program as prize money for the contest. US$200,000 will be allocated for the top 20 apps in each region. The awards are as follows:

  • US$15,000x 5 Best App
  • US$15,000x 3 Best Game
  • US$15,000x 3 Best Social Impact App
  • US$5,000x 1 Tech Women’s Award
  • US$5,000x 2 Best HMS Core Innovation Award
  • US$5,000x 1 All-Scenario Coverage Award
  • US$5,000x 3 Excellent Student Award
  • US$3,000x 5 Honorable Mention

Application Deadline: August 20th 2021

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