At JournalismAI, we believe that collaboration has a key role to play in defining how AI technologies can support journalism. In 2020, we turned that belief into a collaborative experiment joined by more than 20 news organisations worldwide. Now, it’s time to get to the next level.

Today, we can announce that our 2020 pilot programme – the JournalismAI Collab – is evolving: Welcome to the 2021 JournalismAI Collab Challenges.

The Collab Challenges are a new series of collaborative experiments that bring together media organisations to explore innovative solutions that improve journalism via the use of AI technologies. The Challenges will see teams of about 5 media organisations work together for around 6 months in collaboration with academic labs and R&D partners. Together, they will co-design prototypes of new products and methods, and produce innovative coverage of news stories or issues, with the support of AI.

Three Collab Challenges start in Spring 2021 across the world:

 One team of ~5 media organisations in the Americas: GMT –7 to –3

 One team of ~5 media organisations in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA): GMT 0 to +4

 One team of ~5 media organisations in Asia-Pacific (APAC): GMT +5 to +11

Each team will develop its work independently and focus on a different aspect of the journalism process – but teams will also have the opportunity to exchange ideas and perspectives with one another and with the wider international network of JournalismAI.

Application Deadline: April 11th 2021

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