The Design, Equity, Action and Leadership (DEAL) Fellowship of the West African Institute of Public Health recognises the need to harness the diverse, creative and plethora of capacity that already exists among young emerging African public health leaders

The Institute is calling for application into its The Design, Equity, Action and Leadership (DEAL) Fellowship. The DEAL Fellows component is a subset of the Supporting Young Professionals in Public Health to Thrive programme of the West African Institute of Public Health which is predicated upon the need to build the capacity of young people in public health in order to achieve universal health coverage.

 The vision driving this programme is to grow a network of motivated, design thinking, equity-driven, action-oriented learning leaders who can amplify voices and perspectives of the underserved and unreached through active learnership, innovation and ideas execution in Africa’s health systems. The DEAL Fellowship is primarily an extractive approach to engaging young professionals on their expertise in a fellowships system, where they will undergo intensive leadership coaching through training and mentoring while working with the Institution’s lower strata of Young Professionals in Public Health, such as the virtual interns and health literacy leadership participants by providing professional and technical support for their projects.

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Application Deadline: Friday 19 Feb, 2021

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