Open Knowledge Foundation is giving out mini-grants to support people hosting Open Data Day events across the world.

Open Data Day is an annual celebration of open data taking place for the eleventh time onSaturday 6th March 2021. Everyone can take part as groups from around the globe create local events to show how they use open data in their communities.


Anyone can apply for a $300 USD mini-grant. 

This year we are providing mini-grants to both:

  • Real world events in your location, and 
  • Online events to connect with community members and people around the world virtually

Open Knowledge Foundation understand that many people sadly will not be able to meet in person for this year’s Open Data Day due to local/national restrictions relating to the Covid-19 pandemic. But OKF want to help you and open data communities around the world by supporting online events and celebrations. As well as providing mini-grant funds to those running online events, we will be sharing tips and advice for running great virtual sessions.


Your event or online session must fit into one of the four tracks laid out below to be in with a chance of receiving a mini-grant:

  • Environmental data: Use open data to illustrate the urgency of the climate emergency and spur people into action to take a stand or make changes in their lives to help the world become more environmentally sustainable.
  • Tracking public money flows: Expand budget transparency, dive into public procurement, examine tax data or raise issues around public finance management by submitting Freedom of Information requests.
  • Open mapping: Learn about the power of maps to develop better communities.
  • Data for equal development: How can open data be used by communities to highlight pressing issues on a local, national or global level? Can open data be used to track progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs?

The Mini-Grant

You can only make one application for one event/online session in just one track.  

A mini-grant is a small fund of $300 USD to help support groups organising Open Data Day events and online sessions.

The mini-grants cannot be used to fund government events, whether national or local. 

We can only support civil society activities. 

We encourage governments to find local groups and engage with them if they want to organise events and apply for a mini-grant.

The funds will only be delivered to the successful grantees after:

  • The event or online session has taken place, and 
  • We receive a written report on your event/online session which must be delivered within 30 days of your event  

In case the funds are needed before 6th March 2021, you can email and we will assess whether or not we can help on a case-by-case basis.

Photography and video competition 

This year, we will be giving away prizes for the best Open Data Day photographs and videos. These will be used to help promote Open Data Day in the future. Check back soon for more information about how to enter the competition.

Use this form to make your application.

For More Information:

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