Join the IBM Master the Mainframe virtual coding competition to learn new skills, connect with employers, earn digital badges, and win cash prizes! No technical experience required.

Through three interactive Levels, you will access a mainframe and get skilled up on the foundations of Mainframe, including JCL, Ansible, Python, Unix, COBOL, REXX, all through VS Code. Round it all out with a grand challenge where you craft your own fully-equipped Mainframe creation.

  • Who: Any academic student that is 13+
  • Where: Compete from anywhere in the world virtually


Earn industry-recognized badges, access to an exclusive career development group, charity donations, cash prizes, t-shirts, and more!

Jump into your mainframe experience right through VS Code. You’ll get connected to the mainframe, run some commands, check out data sets, grab some system vitals, and see how mainframe virtualization delivers real world power to apps of any size.

Feed 2 Children for a Day
For every Level One finisher, a donation will be made to ShareTheMeal

How it Works

  • The Master the Mainframe Competition is comprised of three levels. Level One to help you learn the fundamentals of the mainframe, Level Two builds on the fundamentals by teaching you how to program with modern languages, and Level Three puts all your new skills to the test in a “real world” situation. Along the way, you will not only build skills, but you can also earn digital badges and great prizes.

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