HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences invites applications for DAAD scholarships for the Master of Arts in International and Development Economics, starting in 2021.

Over the course of 18 months, the Master’s degree in International and Development Economics (MIDE) at HTW Berlin prepares students for the responsible and demanding work involved in the context of development. Students gain an in-depth working understanding of the economic and political global context in which developing countries are integrated. The profound theoretical and methodological training provided equips MIDE graduates with a thorough understanding of the socio-economic methods and theories necessary to address urgent problems in developing countries. The wide range of optional courses allows students to shape their professional profile according to their preferences.

MIDE graduates are ideally equipped to work in development cooperations or international organisations. Featuring a wide variety of courses to choose from, ranging from “Agricultural Economics in Less Developed Countries (LDCs)” to “Project Planning and Evaluation”, MIDE provides students with a well-rounded education. By combining theoretical knowledge with practical expertise, graduates are capable of analysing the current challenges of development and formulating actionable strategies for meeting them.


Applicants for the DAAD scholarship must

  • come from a developing or newly industrialised country (link to list of eligible countries)
  • have 2 or more years of professional experience since graduation
  • must not have graduated longer than 6 years ago
  • fulfil the MIDE admission requirements.

Worth of Award

  • Living expenses (17 months): 750,00 €/month
  • Study and research subsidy
  • A subsidy for travel expenses (incl. insurance for accident & personal liability) to Germany and back home after the completion of the programme
  • Health insurance
  • Preparatory German Language Course (February/ March).

How to Apply

Should you wish to apply for a DAAD scholarship, please indicate this in your MIDE application form. You must also

  • complete the DAAD application form and attach it to the MIDE application form
  • submit an Academic Letter of Recommendation from your previous university; the letter must have a letterhead, signature and official stamp and must be of recent date.
  • submit a letter of recommendation from your employer; the letter must have a letterhead, a signature and an official stamp and must be of recent date.
  • submit a confirmation of your professional experience of at least 2 years since graduation with the MIDE application form. This letter from your employer(s) must come on official letterhead, be dated and signed as well as carry a stamp. The letter must contain information on the duration of your employment (from … until …, your position and work tasks, possibly your overall perfomance and a confirmation of study leave, if granted).
  • Your DAAD Application form, letter of motivation and CV submitted with the MIDE application form must be hand-signed.
  • Submit a copy of your School Leaving Certificate.

Letters of appointment, work contracts, payslips etc. are not accepted as proof of employment.

Deadline: The application deadline for the following year’s intake in April is 30 September (August 31 for DAAD scholarship applications).

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