The programme offers practical tools and strategies to help entrepreneurs and businesses adapt rapidly to unexpected challenges.

Designed specifically for African entrepreneurs and their teams who want to improve their businesses in these challenging times, the fully virtual programme is based on AMI’s unique approach to applying business learning on the go. You’ll work to address issues like reduced revenue and cash flow, supply chain disruptions, remote staff, and shifting business strategies.

The six-month virtual programme for up to 3 people per business also provides an additional six months of post-programme support and access to supporting resources. This programme is a customized version of AMI’s Grow Your Business programme and some tools are featured in AMI’s Business Survival Bootcamp.


  • Open to African enterprises and businesses;
  • Operation for more than one year;
  • Generated more than $10,000 in revenue in the last financial year;
  • Minimum of two full-time employees;
  • Complete the full application process and participation agreement.

Key Topics.

  • Scenario planning
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Business Risk Assessment & Planning
  • Leading in Uncertainty
  • Managing Remote Teams
  • Identifying Opportunities & New Customer Segments
  • Personal & Business Habits for Growth
  • Adapting Operations & HR

Business Learning Journey.

Survive to Thrive’s learning journey for businesses is based on two stages (survival stage and growth stage) with tools to apply in 5 key phases to help business work through critical risks and key organizational practices:

  • Survival: Rapid Response in a Crisis (6 weeks, 2 learning labs)
  • Survival: Reboot: Innovate and Adapt (3 weeks, 1 learning lab)
  • Growth: Diagnose and Experiment – Strategic Focus (6 weeks, 1 learning lab)
  • Growth: Making it Happen – Managing Change for Growth (6 weeks, 1 learning lab)
  • Growth: Keep Going and Thrive – Data-Driven Decision Making (6 weeks, 1 learning lab)


  • 6 virtual, interactive and online learning labs, hosted by AMI expert facilitators
  • AMI learning platform access to over 20 self-guided online courses and over 125 practical business tools
  • Monthly pod (group) meetings to support peer-learning and networking with business across Africa
  • Practical downloadable tools and online courses to support implementation
  • Access to AMI’s mobile app, AMI Learn, for daily support and implementation
African Management Institute (AMI) Virtual Survive to Thrive Programme Scholarship.
  • On a limited basis AMI is offering a full-scholarship of $500/USD for up to three participants from a single business. Scholarship spaces are limited and even if you meet the eligibility criteria, your business is not guaranteed enrollment.

How to Apply

Does your business meet the following criteria? If so, apply today to learn more.