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PhD Scholarship in Economics and Statistics at Uni of Milan-Bicocca in Italy

The Department of Economics, Management and Statistics (DEMS) of the University of Milan-Bicocca invites applications to its PhD Program in Economics and Statistics (ECOSTAT) for the academic year 2020-21.

The new PhD in Economics and Statistics (ECOSTAT) has been created to provide the most effective response to the important challenges which doctoral programs in the areas of economics and statistics, both in Italy and Europe, have to cope with nowadays, namely: i) high qualification of the faculty, in terms of teaching abilities and publication records; ii) capability of attracting high-quality students; iii) interdisciplinarity; iv) internationalization; v) relations with the non-academic job market; vi) placement of students who have successfully discussed their dissertations.

ECOSTAT builds upon the successful experiences of the PhD in Economics DEFAP-Bicocca and the PhD in Statistics and Mathematical Finance, both active at the University of Milan-Bicocca (UniMiB) until the current academic year.

ECOSTAT carries over the fruitful collaboration among economists and statisticians from the Department of Economics, Management and Statistics (DEMS) and the Department of Statistics and Quantitative Methods of UniMiB, which has started twenty years ago within the BSc in Statistics and Economics, as well as the MSc in Statistics and Economics and is going on with the more recent MSc in Data Science.

Worth of Award

  • They offer at least eight fellowships (for a period of four years) to the highest ranked applicants. Each fellowship pays a grant of a minimum of € 16.200 (gross income) per year.
  • The number of scholarships may increase if sponsorships on specific research projects become available.
  • There will also be allowances (research funds) for short-period mobility (from the second year).
  • The monthly allowance can be increased up to 50% for their PhD students visiting academic or scientific institutions abroad.


  • Anyone who is in possession of the following educational qualifications may apply, without any citizenship restrictions:
  • post-graduate (second cycle) degree;
  • foreign degree, as long as it is equivalent in length of studies, level and subject area to the Italian degree required for admission to the course. The suitability of foreign qualifications is evaluated by the board of examiners. In case the Degree is evaluated non-eligible, the applicant will be excluded from the competition.
  • Students who have not yet obtained their degree may apply for admission, provided they earn their degree by 31 October 2019 accepted students who fail to meet this requirement will lose their right to admission.
  • degree obtained under the laws in force prior to Ministerial Decree no. 509/1999 (old system degree);
  • master degree issued by institutions that are part of the AFAM (advanced artistic and musical education) sector;
  • Candidates who have not yet earned their degree are required to communicate the date and grade of the degree earned, by e-mail to the Doctoral School Sector at the address
    dottorati@unimib.it, and to send a statement in lieu of certification, if they are Italian or EU citizens, not later than 4 November 2019.
  • Note: Candidates are considered not to have earned their degree yet when they have never obtained any academic degree mentioned at points 1-4. Those candidates who have already obtained one of these degrees and are enrolled to a second degree are considered as a graduate.
  • Those who are already enrolled in the same doctoral course at this University cannot apply.

How to Apply

Application for the scholarship is online, please follow the registration link on their websites

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Deadline: applications close June 26,  2020.