The Amani Institute Social Innovation Management Program is open to people from all over the world. For the first time ever, you can join it from anywhere in the world you are based. You can also do it if you are currently working. This is not a typical online course where you just watch video lectures and comment online. This is a high-intensity interactive experience.

The practical nature and the highly-personalized elements of the program mean that you join live classes, receive personalized coaching sessions, and practice your learning in a tailored way.

Through this innovative program, you will gain both systemic and granular understanding of the social impact sector, as well as build cutting-edge 21st-century skills with the help of global practitioners who are masters in the fields of Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Management, Communication, and Innovation.


  • 3 live sessions (2 hours each) and 8 hours of guided independent work per week.
  • Personalized coaching.
  • Apprenticeship opportunities to practice what you learn.
  • Join a network of 500+ like-minded people from 63 countries.


  • The program runs from July 20th to December 18th, 2020.
  • Applications are open until July 6th.
  • Don’t miss the scholarship deadline on June 22nd.


  • 25 global participants learning and making change together.
  • An incredible lineup of world-changing faculty and guest speakers.

Gain Expertise

10 highly interactive and practical skills courses

  • The Practice of Social Innovation
  • Storytelling as a Leadership Skill
  • Brand Thinking for Changemakers
  • Turning an Idea into a Social Venture (TBD)
  • Fundraising for Social Impact
  • Leading Purpose-Driven Teams
  • Self-Development: The Inner Journey of the Changemaker
  • Building Entrepreneurship Skills
  • Managing your Career in the Impact Sector
  • Bio-Empathy: Learning Innovation Tools from Nature

The courses provide practical tools and methods to help you master the topics – in total, you will learn more than 70 new tools/frameworks that you can apply immediately in your work.

Program Structure

  • Weekly classes
    • 2 120-minute live interactive webinars per week, at fixed times and dates that will be announced well in advance at a time most suitable for everyone to participate from all over the world (most likely at 3 pm UTC on Tuesday and Thursday)
    • 1 120-minute session per week, in smaller groups based on timezones of participants, to build a deeper connection with the instructors and to get feedback on your work.
    • 8 hours of independent work per week
  • Personalized coaching sessions across the 5 months of the program
  • ‘Global dialogue’ video calls with Fellows from other countries and webinars with Amani alumni to learn from peers and strengthen your connection to our community of 500+ Fellows from 63 countries
  • A wide range of networking opportunities to introduce you to the global community of impact professionals, with guest speakers, online gatherings, one-to-one connections.
  • With our emphasis on real-world application, you will also have the opportunity to apply on the job what you learn in the online sessions, and make sense of the social impact sector.

Application Deadline: July 6th 2020
Scholarship Deadline: June 22nd 2020

For More Information:

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