Viva technology invites applications for the Recovery Challenge aimed at igniting positive change in this Covid-19 context, in 2020.

In the context of Covid-19 crisis, both global health and economy are being challenged like never before. Our thoughts go out to all those affected. At VivaTech, we have always promoted startups solutions to encourage Open Innovation. In this very peculiar and difficult situation, we would like to follow up on this mission by using our platform to promote effective solutions which may ignite positive change and help everybody recover from the current crisis.

How can Digital and Tech solutions help entrepreneurs, startups and corporates to recover from the various challenges that have arisen from this crisis, while they are stuck at home, and to anticipate the end of the confinement.

With this initiative, VivaTech wants to prove that the VivaTech community is resilient despite the current situation. We believe that one important way of overcoming this crisis is by joining together the strengths and skills of startups, entrepreneurs, investors, incubators, accelerators, media, etc.

Worth of Award

The VivaTech team will study all the initiatives proposed and will communicate on a selection through this platform to the following communities:

  • +50.000 Startups
  • 5.000 Investors
  • 300 Incubators and Accelerators
  • To all of their community of visitors
  • VivaTech will push the best initiatives to a selected shortlist of media partners
  • For all selected initiatives, to thank you for your contribution, they would be pleased to invite you to the next edition of VivaTech.
  • Initiatives will also be shared through their blog, newsletters, social media and on the VivaTech website.
  • VivaTech will do its best to highlight and contribute to the success of the most promising initiatives.


Challenge 1: Help restore health and services

  • You have a solution to help people, hospitals, medical staff, medical logistic, medical production, etc. during the pandemic. How can we limit the virus propagation through information? How can we provide help and alleviate the strain on medical staff and facilities?
  • How can we remotely monitor the health of patients who are not in intensive care?
  • How can we diagnose easily and as quick as possible the virus? Through Big Data, machine learning?
  • How can we enable an effective deconfinement by limiting the risk of a second wave of infection?

Challenge 2: Help the economy recover

  • The economy is going through an unprecedented period of crisis on a global level. All sectors and all types of companies, from startups to big corporates, are unfortunately being heavily impacted by this difficult situation.
  • This Challenge is for you if you have a solution to help companies bounce back during and after the crisis.
  • How Tech is currently helping: Accounting strategy and optimisation, legal aid, management strategy contents and services, mentoring propositions etc.

Challenge 3: Help people care for themselves and one another

  • During this lockdown period, many people are stuck at home. Propose your solution to help them learn new things, manage their current daily life, and prepare for crisis recovery once the lockdown ends.
  • For those exposed more strongly to this crisis, how can we help them keep in touch with vulnerable populations through digital technologies, decrease their risk of exposure or infection through digital collaborative platforms and provide them support for their needs?

Method of Application

Application for this opportunity is online

Deadline: Applications close May 29, 2020.

Click here for more details and to apply