Are you a tech start-up with innovative solutions to solve problems faced by the Agricultural Value Chain in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa? If yes, apply for a chance to be one of two startups to win a total of N3million in Grants in the AgriTech Incubation Program 2019 organized by FCMB in partnership with Wennovation Hub.

FCMB Wennovation AgriTech Incubation Program Objective.

The Wennovation Hub incubation program is set out to guide early stage entrepreneurs to test and validate their ideas as well as gather their first set of customers or pivot if need be. We do this through a combination of financial support, guidance and training.

The secondary objective is to prepare these startups for acceleration.

FCMB Wennovation AgriTech Incubation Program Problem Statements.

Applications should focus on the below problem statements:

  • Input    
    • Use of low yielding seed varieties by Nigerian smallholder farmers.
    • Farmer lack access to arable and irrigated farmland for all year farming.
    • Lack of appropriate and profitable financing models for smallholder farmers by Nigerian banks.
    • Poor distribution network / supply chain leading high cost of agro-inputs.
  • Production    
    • Poor access to affordable and appropriate irrigation systems to produce crops all year round sustainably.
    • Overall low use and low quality of fertilizer & CP.
    • Poor access to mechanization: leading to low quality of produce, high post harvest losses and low productivity.
    • Farmer lack access to quality, affordable and timely advisory on agriculture (weather, pests & diseases, soil condition, agronomy practices, market info) as well extension support.
  • Processing/Storage    
    • High post-harvest losses due to poor preservation, transportation, storage and processing systems.
    • Farmers lack capacity to invest in value addition.
    • Traceability and trackablity of commodity.
  • Marketing & Sales    
    • Poor access to market and market information.
    • Access to advisory on business development.

Method of Application

Follow the link below to register for an opportunity to pitch your idea and get rewarded.


Scholarship Application Deadline

  • 29th July: Call for ideas
    • Call for ideas – Online and offline platforms.
  • 26th August: Internal sorting and selection
    • Internal sorting and selection of 20 applications to go through the immersion stage.
  • 2nd September: Immersion exercise
    • Immersion exercise and reporting of the remaining applications
  • 9th September: Design thinking approach
    • Design thinking approach to problem solving and Social Impact entrepreneurship bootcamp and incubation.
  • 28th September: Agri-Conference
    • Agri-Conference cum Demo Day