The new DigiCosme Master Scholarship program for students who wish to enroll on a Computer Science or Communication Master at Université Paris-Saclay with the medium term aim of pursuing a PhD.

Course Level: Scholarships are available to pursue MSc programme.

Scholarship Award: Labex DigiCosme offers a 12 000€ € grant covering one academic year. The grant is directly operated by the Enrollment School or university.

  • Apply in the first Master year (M1), ou second Master year (M2), for master table below
  • When you start in first Master year (M1), master scholarship is renewed (with conditional acceptance) for a second year.
  • DigiCosme Scholarship cannot be added to any other grant
  • Please be aware that travel and enrollment costs are not included in the scholarship.
  • Labex DigiCosme Scholarship recipients have to follow their master program in one of [”>l’Université Paris-Saclay.

Each year, Labex DigiCosme offers Master scholarships to student which a very good academic standing.

Nationality: Scholarships are available for International students.

Scholarship can be taken in France

Eligible Countries: Scholarships are available for International students.

Eligibility Criteria: Applicants must meet the following criteria:

Any student eligible for a Master programme in the field of Computer Science and Communication operated by one of the 10 Labex DigiCosme’s partners. The main criteria for selection will be the quality of the academic record.

Method of Application: Students wishing to apply for the grant will join to their academic application a personal statement explaining their motivation for joining the chosen master and pursuing a PhD afterwards.

  • Candidates should first choose a program from University Paris-Saclay and apply for it
  • Candidates contact its master supervisor (either master supervisor for M1, or master supervisor for M2)
  • Supervisor can ask more documents to complete your file and will decide if he/she proposes your application to Digicosme
  • Supervisor is the only authorized to submit your application
  • Labex DigiCosme does not accept direct applications.

Scholarship Link

Scholarship Application Deadline: Two evaluation sessions will be organised from March to June 2018. For each session, a deadline is set. Applications received after this deadline will be studied on the next session (except for those arriving after the last deadline, which will not be examined). Each student must be supplied his/her application to their supervisor, as soon as possible and in all cases one week before the submission date:

  1. 1st session : Monday, March 11th 2019 – at 12 am (Paris time)
  2. 2nd session : Monday, June 1st 2019 – at 12 am (Paris time)