The University of St Andrews is offering Sappi scholarship for South African Students. The scholarship is available for undertaking a four-year undergraduate degree course, excluding Medicine.

Course Level: Scholarship is available for pursuing an undergraduate degree course.

Eligible Countries: Citizens of South Africa are eligible to apply.

Eligibility Criteria: Only available to students entering the first year of an undergraduate 4-year degree programme at St Andrews.
English Language Requirements: The candidate should have a very good command of English language. Therefore, the application should be written in English.

Method of Application:

If applying to this scholarship, please be aware of the following requirements:

Your name, the name of your town of origin, school/college and the subject of study will be passed to the benefactors of your scholarship. These details may also be used in University publications and passed to the University’s Development and Press Offices to use in promoting fundraising for other Scholarships. Further details will only be released with your express permission.
Your scholarship award in subsequent years of study is conditional upon your successful completion of the academic requirements to progress in your proposed subject of study at the University of St Andrews. If your scholarship is subject-related then your award is usually also conditional upon your continuing to study that specific subject.
Attendance at Development related scholarship events (including invitations to meet the donors) is strongly encouraged. You will be invited to these as appropriate by the Development Office.
Submission of reports throughout the period of scholarship support. You are required to submit an Introductory Biography at the start of your award period and the Development Office will contact you towards the end of each semester for a report on your time at St Andrews to share with the donors of your award. This will be an annual cycle for the duration of your award.

After applying for your chosen course beginning in the 2018-2019 academic year, you must allow at least two working days for processing and issue of your log in details before you can apply for this scholarship.

You can access the application form through Scholarships and Funding within My Application (applicant portal).

Online Application

Scholarship Link

Scholarship Application Deadline: March 30, 2018