GARR is pleased to offer 10 Ori Carlini Scholarships for young talents. These scholarships are open to students who have a study and research project focused on the digital network and infrastructures.

Course Level: Scholarships are available for pursuing master’s degree programme.

Eligible Nationalities: Scholarships are open to Italian and foreign students.

Eligibility Criteria: All born in 1988 and in possession of a three-year, magistral, specialist or single-cycle degree obtained at universities or institutes of higher education in Italy or the European Union or equivalent.
The scholarship is compatible with enrollment in the Master’s Degree Program.
The scholarship is compatible with admission to the PhD program as long as it is without scholarship and only if the themes of the research activity of the Doctorate are relevant to the activity proposal of the GARR scholarship.

Method of Application: To participate in the selection, it is necessary to identify the theme of the study activity and the structure at which the activity will take place. This information will be included in an Activity Proposal containing:

  • The title of the theme proposed for the activity (max 20 words);
  • A brief summary of the theme proposed for the activity (max 10 lines);
  • The references to the structure that will host the scholarship holder (name, address, website), the references of its Director and an internal Tutor (name, surname, telephone number and e-mail);
  • The detailed description of the proposed activity, which gives evidence of the relevance of the proposed themes with the GARR activities and of the expected impact in the short and medium term (max 4 pages). In particular, if you are interested in doing business at GARR, these are the topics of interest : Monitoring, telemetry and analytics for new generation networks; Proof-of-concept on use-case for transport networks over 100 Gbps with SDN and DCI solutions; Development of virtual network functions and orchestration of network services and related life cycles; Data plane optimization and programmability and GARR infrastructure automation paradigms;
  • The profile of the candidate, complete with a short curriculum and with an indication of the degree mark and exams taken (max 2 pages).

To participate in the selection, it is necessary to fill in the online application form, to which the Activity Proposal and the Host institution’s declaration in PDF format will be attached.

Online Application

Scholarship Link

Scholarship Application Deadline: March 30, 2018