The Monash University is an Australian public research university based in Melbourne, Australia..It is the second oldest university in the State of Victoria.

The Monash University is delighted to offer its Protic (Participatory Research and Ownership with Technology, Information and Change) PhD Scholarships for International Students. These scholarships are awarded to conduct research in the field of software design.

The aim of this scholarship is to develop and implement an inexpensive interactive Bengali language mobile phone information system and other technical innovations and responsive community ‘hub’ and skills base in Bangladesh, for isolated rural communities as a model for further uptake in that country and elsewhere in the developing world.

Course Level: Scholarships are available to pursue PhD programme.

Study Subject: Scholarships are awarded in the field of Software design.

Scholarship Award: Scholarships will cover the following:

  • The successful candidate will receive a full tuition scholarship and stipend ($AUD26,682 per annum) for a single person for the period of required research residency in Australia and field work in Bangladesh.
  • Health insurance costs for the student, return airfares and some relocation costs will be covered.

Number of Scholarships: Not Known

Scholarship can be taken in Australia

Eligibility Criteria: 

The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for the scholarship:

  • The ideal candidate will have a strong background both in software development methods and practices as well as knowledge and interest in the sociotechnical aspects of new software systems, such as how to design systems that fit into existing practices.
  • The successful candidate will have knowledge of and/or be able to learn quickly about:
  • Participatory design methods.
  • Human-computer interaction (from a socio-technical viewpoint).
  • Software development skills (including requirements engineering, software design methodologies – both agile and plan-driven, programming).
  • Qualitative research methods, e.g., observational studies, interviewing, ethnography.
  • Advanced communication skills in English are critical to this project, as well as fluency in Bengali. Fieldwork in Bangladesh will be required.

Nationality: International applicants are eligible to apply for these scholarships.

College Admission Requirement

Entrance Requirements: Applicants must have a strong background both in software development methods and practices as well as knowledge and interest in the sociotechnical aspects of new software systems.

English Language Requirements: Applications must meet following requirements:

  • If you have not completed Academic IELTS or TOEFL in the last two years and you wish to apply for the scholarship, the latest date for which you can take a test in Dhaka and be considered is 26 August. Please see the relevant website to register and send the results to us as soon as they become available. Test results are valid for two years from the date of the test and must be valid when you commence your program. Also, refer to the EOI form.
  • If you have not completed an appropriate English test within the past two years. If you have completed two years of tertiary study within the past five years at an accredited university where English is the language of instruction and assessment and is an official language of that country (specify the name of the institution, dates of study and attach documentary evidence).
  • Bangladesh is not included in the Monash list of countries for English as the official language. Please review the Monash University policy on English Language requirements.

Method of Application: 

Applicants can apply via email.

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Only students who meet Monash’s entry requirements should apply. To apply, you should submit an Expression of Interest for the scholarship in which you are interested in. Use this form only.
  • Please read the eligibility requirements (including English) carefully. Non-eligible Expressions of Interest will not be considered. The submission of the Expression of Interest does not constitute a formal application for a Research Degree or Scholarship (see below).
  • Email an electronic copy of this form to

Application form

Scholarship Application Deadline: August 28, 2017.

For more info, visit Scholarship Link